a bit about me:

My research career started in 2013 during the third year of my bachelors. I began to work on the development of sampling-based planning algorithms (baseline RRT and RRT*) and their sampling heuristics for efficient and speedy robotic motion planning. As a result, I was able to develop five state-of-the-art motion planning algorithms which lead to ten research papers (including three impact factor journals) during my bachelor studies. Right after my bachelors, I was awarded the Japanese MEXT Scholarship in 2015 to do a masters degree in artificial intelligence at Osaka University under the renowned roboticist, Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro. My master’s dissertation  “Deep Reinforcement Learning for Real-World Human-Robot Interaction” combined deep learning, motion planning, and reinforcement learning for safe, natural, and effective human-robot interaction. My research findings during my masters got into top-notch conferences and journals including the pioneer Elsevier Journal of Neural Networks. Following my research accomplishments, I have been awarded a fully funded PhD position at University of California, San Diego. My current research focus is Automation in Robotic Surgery which would bring together the concepts from cognitive neuroscience, robotics, and machine learning.